Meet the Makers - Rao Deli

Want to know the story behind the street food at Shepherd's Markets?

We met the makers, read below to find out more... Interview with Trang Nguyen

Meet the Makers - Rao Deli

What’s the story behind Rao Deli?
We are two young chefs who worked together in a Vietnamese restaurant. We both have a big passion in food and love fresh and modern Vietnamese food, but still try to keep the traditional taste of Vietnamese food.

What’s the most rewarding thing about your job?
Working in the different markets every day gives us a great opportunity to bring Vietnamese street food around the city and meet lots of customers.

What ingredients do you always have in your kitchen cupboard?
Five spice. We made our homemade five spice which has full flavour of Vietnamese taste.

Sweet or savoury?

What’s been your most memorable meal?
The very first Pho (noodle soup) we had in London. We could not believe the noodle here tasted the same as in our hometown

Have you ever had any culinary disasters?
Not yet

What do you cook to impress friends / family?
Hot pot when we gather together

What’s your top chef’s tip?
Always remember to sharpen our knives

What would be your last meal?
Asian instant noodles - super fast when we are hungry and need something quickly