Meet the Makers - Mediterranean Paella

Want to know the story behind the street food at Shepherd's Markets?

We met the makers, read below to find out more. Interview with Fabio

What's the story behind Mediterranean Paella?
The chicken and chorizo paella was a traditional meal that my grandmother used to make for me and my sister, it was our favourite dish and it reminded me of my youth.

What's the most rewarding thing about your job?
The most rewarding thing about my job is knowing that an old family recipe that I make is loved so much by other people

What ingredients do you always have in your kitchen cupboard?
Chorizo of course!

Sweet or savoury?

Have you ever had any culinary disasters?
Not on my watch :)

What do you cook to impress friends/family?
I make my personal paella twist - lobster paella

Where do you go for a nightcap?
I do enjoy playing snooker very much so I guess it will be at the Hurricane room in Kings Cross

What's your top chef's tip?
Always go for the best ingredients you can find and keep it simple!

What would be your last meal?
A large mixed grill and a pint of Guinness