Meet the Makers - Criollo

Want to know the story behind the street food at Shepherd's Markets?

We met the makers, read below to find out more. Interview with Gaston

Meet the Makers - Criollo

What's the story behind Criollo?
After working many years in Argentine steak houses, I had the idea of taking the concept to street markets

What's the most rewarding thing about your job?
I love being a city nomad, cooking at the mercy of the elements around this amazing city. 

What ingredients do you always have in your kitchen cupboard?
Fresh parsley, tin tomatoes and dry pasta. I'm from South America but the Mediterranean is in my blood. 

Sweet or savoury?

What has been your most memorable meal?
Spaghetti frutti di mare in Salerno, Italy. It was the day that I visited the house were my grandad was born in. 

Have you ever had any culinary disasters?
Well, it wasn't easy to find the right herbs for the chimichurri at the beginning. I made some by mixing herbs that I wouldn't recommend to anyone. 

What do you cook to impress friends/family?
Barbecue, but the salads to accompany it are as important as the meats in my opinion.  

Where do you go for a nightcap?
The Junction, my local jazz club in South London. 

What's your top chef's tip?
It's hard to listen to other people's opinion of what you cook. But it's really important that you do. 

What would be your last meal?
Spaghetti aglio olio e